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Weight of Snow Insurance Claims

Weight of snow insurance claims in New York can be tedious. New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island — especially Nassau and Suffolk Counties — have gotten slammed and pounded this winter season with heavy snow storms one after another.


Ice accumulation has also been a problem for many homeowners. The accumulated weight of several snow and ice storms in a single season often threatens roofs throughout the region. As roofs weaken and collapse, homeowners and business owners are seeking coverage for their weight of snow losses under their insurance property policies. And if the repetitive snow storms this year weren’t enough for homeowners to bare, they have to contend with possible flooding that follows the eventually melting; and frozen pipes are a common occurrence during severe winters.

When it is time to file a weight of snow claim, frozen pipe claim, flooding and other types of claims, there are a variety of challenges facing the policyholder during the loss adjustment and filing process. Moreover, many claims are time sensitive due to the dangers presented to the home and complications that can arise if not attended to quickly and efficiently.

Many of the claims discussed here are covered by their insurance policies, including weight of snow claims, frozen pipe claims, and — (under certain conditions) broken pipe claims. However, frozen pipe claims, weight of snow claims, and other claims related to winters wrath can be difficult to file, the policy limits difficult to understand.

That’s the way the insurance companies like it. Some policies by insurance companies contain language that either excludes or limits coverage for damage caused by weight of snow claims. And filing is just one part of the process.

Once filed, a policyholder has to navigate the communication process and haggle with the insurance companies — and they go to any length not to pay.

A good solution to filing and negotiating weight of snow claims and frozen pipe claims it to interview and then select a good public adjuster (read “what is a public adjuster” and “how to choose a public adjuster“.)

Public Adjusters are licensed by the state, and evaluate the loss, file the claim, negotiate with the insurance company and fight for the highest payout on behalf of a policyholder: many work on a %, so the better the payout, the more they earn: it’s a win-win scenario.

With a licensed public adjuster on your side you’re leveling the playing field against the corporate legal department of the big insurance companies. According to a chart of payouts to insurance holders by OPPAGA, it showed that public adjusters facilitate eight times higher earnings for claims filed with the assistance of a public adjuster versus without.

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