The Snow in New York Gone, but What Damage Remains

The Snow in New York Gone, but What Damage Remains

The Snow is in New York Gone, but What Damage Remains? Everyone is happy that winter seems to finally be over, now it’s time to file those insurance claims. Damage to homes and commercial properties were left in the wake of the 2015 snows, so what can you do about it?

In mid-February two different business locations in Atlas Park had pipes burst, affecting nearby stores.  only about twelve hours apart, pipes burst  at Shiro of Japan and Gymboree.  The burst pipes at Shiro affected Chico, Maidenform and J. Jill, according to Queens Crap. According to those in the know J. Jill and Chico’s would not re-open.

The wrath of winter can be devastating, ruining homes and forcing businesses to close.  How did the storm affect you? We like to hear from you.

Did you know that weight of snow damage and frozen or broken pipes may be covered under your insurance policy? Many are not aware of that either.   They are also aware that a public adjuster can get you a better insurance claim payout.

Read more about what a public adjuster is, and how to select the right public adjuster so you can receive the best claims payout today.

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