What is a Public Adjuster?

A public Adjuster works for you, not the insurance company.  We’re licensed increase your insurance claim payoutprofessionals who evaluate the value of your loss. We negotiate for you with the insurance company, knowing all the in’s and out’s of insurance procedures to get you the best payout.

When disaster strikes, which no one ever thinks will happen to them, losses are incurred. This can include damage
from hurricane, torrential storms, freezing ice and many other occurrences. Depending on your insurance policy, you may very well be covered for repair and/or replacement.  Did you know that in many cases broken pipes from freezing is covered in homeowner insurance plans? Well, they are.

While you may want to rush out and just get things fixed, insurance companies don’t tend to make anything easy.  The complexity and mount of forms required can be daunting, and homeowners tend to take whatever claim payment if offered.  Going into an insurance claim blind is one of the things that allows insurance companies to make so much money.

free evaluationsWhen you contract a Public Adjuster to represent you,more times than not you will end up with a higher payout.  We level the playing field by knowing the rules, regulations, and  the limits to which an insurance company will go in their payouts. This is usually than they will ever offer you.

David Romano is a professional with over fifteen years experience. been a licensed Public Adjuster. he’ll accurately value your loss and then negotiate on your behalf to extract the maximum claim payout for you.

New York and New Jersey are two of the 44 states taht provide legislation for the licensing, authorization of, and/or regulation of Public Adjusters.

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