Snow Damage Prevention Tips

Preventing Snow Damage

Preventing snow damage is a challenge in the New York Metro area. In 2014 and 2015 they were marked as some of the most heavily-snowed years in the history for the New York City metro area. Earlier this week, the snowy season of 2014 was ranked number 5 in the list of heavily-snowed years. Fast-paced wintry systems can race through the Big Apple and Long Island and in its wake bring thunder, lightning and excessive rain, sleet or snowfall. Add strong winds and damage could be extensive. How does one cope and protect their homes? How do you avoid weight of snow damage? Here are some tips.

Cold weather tends to be especially tough on home water systems as the water chills, while the metal pipes contract. At the same time, ice and frost cause the ground to expand thereby adding pressure. Many homeowners who did not have homeowners insurance are now decrying the damage that has been caused to their homes. However, there are certain things that homeowners can do to prevent snowfall damage.

Get Rid of the Snow

Shovel away as much snow as you possibly can on and around your home. This will enable you to reduce the amount of water that melts, including that which will  and run down your roof. If the edges of your roof have ice dams, all that melting water backs up and may get pushed under the shingles and into the house.

Remove Ice Damsice dam diagram

Ice Dams are thick shelves of ice that form at the edge of the roof as the snow thaws, and then re-freeze. If you find it difficult to remove the ice, try to cut some channels into it that will allow the water to flow through. You may also add calcium chloride, which will help melt the ice, but without damaging your roof as salt is prone to do. If you still have ice on your roof when the warm season checks in, you could end up with a big problem on your hands.

Chop off Icicles

Icicles can become so big that they result in damage when they fall off, landing onto decks, windows and other surfaces around your home.

Seek Long-Term Solutions
· Install insulation in your attic which will reduce heat loss through the roof, along with the melting of snow that causes ice jams
· Install heating wires in gutters along identified problem spots
· Clean off your roof regularly during the winter months to prevent the buildup of snow
· When you replace your roof, add a rubber-like layer to the plywood that will help prevent water from seeping through

Preventing Snow Damage

The heavy accumulation of snow can post a threat to your home — both as it builds up and as it melts. Weight of snow claims arise, as does frozen pipes in need of broken pipe repair when you’re not prepared.  And when the snow and ice is all gone one has to prepare for and be ready to react to water damage.

While you cannot change the weather, what you can do is minimize some of the biggest threats that this winter season poses to your home. It’s not too late to prevent damage or reduce water damage from the melting snow and ice on your roof. But you’d better get started!


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