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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Pipes?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Pipes? Well yes, and no. Water damage is one of the most common homeowner insurance claims. If a river floods, or torrential rains – or the melting of a large snow fall — from a storm inundate your home, your insurer will most likely not cover the damage. However, if the flooding has occurred from within your home as a result of a broken pipe, your public adjuster is likely to give you good news: your policy might just cover the damage.

The advantage of letting a public adjuster handle your broken pipes insurance claim is that public adjusters are insurance adjusters who solely work for you, the policyholder, rather than the insurance carrier. As such, your public adjuster is guaranteed to have your home and your best interests as their number one priority.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage

Water damage from a broken pipe inside your home is typically covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy that a public adjuster can obtain on your behalf. In the event that a pipe outside breaks and results in damage, this should be covered as well. However, you would need to prove that such damage did in fact result from the broken pipe. The insurer may deny your claim should they conclude that the real culprit was a non-covered maintenance issue such as poor drainage.

Broken Pipe and Water Damage Insurance Limitations

Your claim for water damage may also be denied should the insurer conclude that you were actually responsible for the pipe Maintain your pipesbreaking to begin with. The majority of the pipes that break do so due to freezing. Leaving your home unheated during freezing weather could lead your insurer to deny your claim, citing negligence on your part. Should the insurer agree to pay for the water damage, they may still refuse to cover the costs of repairing the pipe itself. Insurance will not cover normal wear and tear that occurs in the home. If the pipe broke simply due to old age or corrosion, or because it had been attached to an appliance that malfunctioned, this might be considered as normal wear and tear.

Help Your New York Public Adjuster Help You

You will not be covered if the water damage occurs as a result of a slow leak that was not fixed for months. If you have a DIY (do-it-yourself) frame of mind, there are certain things you can do to prevent broken pipes. Hire a licensed contractor to examine the pipes for wear and tear or damage yearly. Also ensure that you install better insulation facilities in your home, along with an emergency pressure release valve. If you reside in an environment that is particularly cold, wrap your pipes using heat cables and heat tape.

Broken pipes can be a financial nightmare for homeowners. A broken pipe is no minor leak as a 3mm crack can end up flooding your home with 250 gallons of water each day. Further compounding the problem of initial water damage, the water that soaks into the walls tends to create conditions ideal for the growth of mold. The good news however, is that your public adjuster can help you obtain homeowners insurance which generally covers pipes that break unexpectedly, and the resulting water damage that occurs from it.

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Also WEIGHT OF SNOW CLAIMS is also often covered in home insurance policies.

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