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Flood damage during Hurricane Sandy?

Did you experience flood damage during Hurricane Sandy last year? While focused on rebuilding your life, have you found it difficult to gather the necessary paperwork required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to file a claim with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)?

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Like you, many people in the states affected by the hurricane have been frantically working to meet the looming FEMA deadline at the beginning of November. Luckily, FEMA has just announced that the deadline has been extended by an additional 6 months so that all victims of Hurricane Sandy have the opportunity to file claims and receive the benefits they deserve. Anyone who has experienced flood damage from Hurricane Sandy now has a total of 18 months from the time the damage originally occurred to send in their NFIP claim.

Did you experience flood damage during Hurricane Sandy last year?

From October 26th to October 30th, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast of the United States.Nine states were declared federal disaster areas, with many more experiencing significant damage.At the cost of 285 lives and billions of dollars in losses, Sandy proved to be the second costliest hurricane to hit the United States. The survivors of the hardest-hit areas have been left to put together the pieces. Although the state infrastructure itself in each of these areas may be nearly recovered, the individuals experiencing these hardships are still working to rebuild their homes and recover their lives.

Hurricane Sandy Disaster

The National Flood Insurance Plan is designed to help you do just that; by providing financial support to those who most desperately need it, the NFIP can help Hurricane Sandy victims reclaim a sense of normalcy. Although there are many things that NFIP can’t replace, filing a timely claim will allow you to start rebuilding your life and move forward.

However, given the extent of the damage from Hurricane Sandy, many victims have found themselves too focused on day to day living to be able to gather the documentation required to file a claim.

Now, just as the process of in-depth rebuilding has truly started for the average Sandy victim, many citizens are facing a deadline that they may not be able to meet. FEMA, recognizing this issue as well as the importance of the support provided by NFIP, has extended the deadline to file flood damage claims for an additional 6 months, to ensure that those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy can file their claim and get the compensation they deserve.So the new deadline to send supporting documents to the insurer in on or before April 28, 2014.

In order to take advantage of the extended deadline, the damage must have occurred between October 25, 2012 and November 6, 2012, and be a direct result of Hurricane Sandy. The damaged property must be in one of the following states: FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, DC, MD, DE, WV, PA, NY,NJ, CT, RI, MA, ME, or VT. This extension does not change or eliminate the requirements for documenting ‘Proof of Loss.’ With this extension, you now have an additional 6 months (18 months total from the time the damage was incurred) to properly gather your documents and submit your claim.

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