broken Pipe Insurance and Maintenance

Broken Pipes Insurance Coverage and Maintenance

When winter strikes pipes freeze and pipes burst. A proper broken pipes insurance coverage and maintenance plan can help save lots of money and aggravation. New York City and the surrounding areas have had a lot of snow this year; and with the heavy snowfall comes the problem of broken pipes and other types of damage to the home. Are you covered? Can it have been avoided? Here are a few tips for preventing broken pipes, and what to do when broken pipe and/or frozen pipe repair is needed.

Broken pipes and their damaging effects are typically due to frozen water leading to a buildup of pressure that causes the pipes to burst. Pipes in attics, outside walls and crawl spaces are particularly vulnerable to freezing. The good news for homeowners in New York City and the surrounding metro area is that damage from broken and frozen pipes is often covered in most homeowner insurance policies.

So if and when you have broken or frozen pipes repair requirements, also call your Public Adjuster to negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company.

Broken Pipes Insurance Coverage and Maintenance, Are You Covered?

Any homeowner residing in wintry climates knows just how hard ice, snow and wind can be on a home or property. It is for this reason that most homeowners opt to take out a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover them from damage sustained during the winter months. It is however important to note that the homeowners insurance policy is not a maintenance policy. It therefore will not protect you in the event that your home sustains damage that could have been preventable with some simple proper maintenance. It is wise to be proactive by taking steps to protect your home in the winter as this could save you a lot of money in the long run. But if you have taken preventative steps and require calling for frozen pipe repair or broken pipe repair, also call a Public Adjuster to file a claim with your insurance company to recover some of the costs for the repair work.

In the event that you need to make an insurance claim, ensure that you do this as soon as you notice any damage that has resulted from the winter elements. Do not wait until spring, but go ahead and begin making any required repairs right away, as this will enable you to prevent further damage. If you had maintained your home properly, the chances of having the damage covered are increased. However, any additional losses that are deemed to have occurred because you failed to take care of the problem immediately may not be covered by the insurance company.

How can a public adjuster help, read more here.

Maintaining Pipes During Winter

Homeowners insurance may cover you in the event that thawing ice and broken pipes cause damage to your home. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain your pipes and prevent problems wherever possible. Here’s how.

· Ensure that all pipes near your home’s exterior are properly insulated. Any exposed pipes should be fitted with insulation sleeves.

· During cold spells, open cabinet doors in your bathroom and kitchen to allow for the circulation of warm air around your pipes.

· Seal any holes in the outside wall of your home. Holes for cable, telephone or television may leave your pipes and electrical system exposed to extremely cold temperatures and their adverse effects. Outdoor caulking may be used to seal the small openings in the foundation of your home.

· Maintain a slow trickle of water flowing from faucets connected to pipes running through a space that is not heated or protected.

· If you intend to be away from home for more than 4 days, you will need to arrange for someone to regularly come by and ensure that the heat is still on.


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