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Benefits of a Public Adjuster

The benefits of  a public adjuster is that they can often get you more money for your claim [from your insurance company] than you can likely do on your own, they can do so more efficiently.

Having adequate insurance is very critical, as is having an ally who knows how the insurance industry works; how to squeeze out extra compensation for your losses.

Natural disaster and simple mishaps can happen without notice and quickly upend your life. They can destroy years of hard work, wipe out your savings, and/or disrupt your current day-to-day routine.

Simple accidents like broken water pipes, a tree falling into your house or car, a flooded basement, these are all things that happen. And then of course there are the things we can’t conceive like Hurricane Sandy.

For those with the right insurance however, they can get compensated for their losses and get their life back to normal.

Benefits of a public adjuster brooklyn ny

An insurance adjuster [or public insurance adjuster] helps policyholders negotiate and appraise the claimants’ policy claims. The adjusters are licensed by the state to legally represent the insurer’s rights when claiming the benefits.

To assure the proper evaluation of the loss, the adjuster helps investigate the claims to establish the company’s liability, and to what degree. The adjusters may conduct interviews of all the parties involved to an accident, inspect the properties, and review hospital and police reports, if any.

Catastrophes are not planned for. For example, Hurricane Sandy came unannounced, causing damages estimated to be $50 billion. The storm disabled major subway services, with over 4.8 millions people left without power in 15 states. Hurricane Sandy also resulted in the closure of Wall Street for two days. This had a huge impact on the economy.

Right from the outset insurance claims can be daunting for homeowners and business owners alike. The forms alone can boggle the mind. But there is help!

The public adjusters are there to represent the claimant and not the insurer. With their knowledge of claims, they can help the claimant with paperwork, negotiate the right claim from the insurance company, and help them collect all that they are due. The adjusters put the interests of the claimant first.

Expertise and professionalism

Public adjusters are experts in their field. They deal with the complexity of the insurance industry so that you don’t have to.

Time saving and fast resolution to the problems 

When disasters strike and losses occur, many people have no time to file claims on the insurers, nor do they know where to start. This is because the whole process is too complex. The public adjuster manages and organizes the claims, thus minimizing the time required in dealing with the issues inherent in collecting a claim.

Very affordable

Though the public adjuster must be paid for their services, they are still quite affordable. In different states, the adjusters are paid either on a contingency between 5-10% or on a hourly basis. However, the fees charged are regulated by the state bodies which limits over charging.

Value for your claims

The public adjuster Brooklyn ny ensure that the claimants get the highest possible value for their claims. For example, in the event that losses occur, the adjusters usually can negotiate a higher payout for the insurance claims made by planning for the cut-out fees. This is seen especially during emergency situations — like the events of Hurricane Sandy when millions of people lay claim to the insurers. This means the insurers have to process many claims within a short period of time.

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